Meme Stocks News: Why Reddit Names GME, AMC, KOSS, BB, and EXPR Are Rallying Today

Meme stocks are in the news again as a massive rally drives shares of some of Reddit’s favorite investments higher.

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So why are meme stocks on the rise again? This has nothing to do with recent meme stock news. Instead, it looks like Reddit has picked the moment to raise the shares with plenty of investors rallying around them.

Let’s take a look at how this news affects meme stock actions below.

  • GameStop (NYSE:EMG) stocks see shares jump more than 10% this morning as some 7.8 million shares change hands. The company’s average daily trading volume is 16.6 million shares.
  • AMC Entertainment (NYSE:CMA) shares rise more than 12% with more than 112 million shares traded. The company’s average daily trading volume is approximately 84 million shares.
  • Koss (NASDAQ:KOSS) the stock started strong before falling and is now only slightly higher with some 2.5 million shares in motion. The company’s average daily trading volume is 3.5 million shares.
  • Blackberry (NYSE:BB) shares are up nearly 11% this morning with more than 8.5 million shares changing hands. The company’s average daily trading volume is 12.1 million shares.
  • Express (NYSE:EXPR) the stock is up more than 8% with some 6.8 million shares traded. The company’s average daily trading volume is 11.4 million shares.

Of course, the WallStreetBets Reddit was eating today’s news. Traders on the subreddit celebrated the news of surging meme stocks in the best possible way: with memes. You can check out these links to see some of the best shared on the subreddit.

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